"I had contacted TL Bliss Press as I had encountered a formatting and publishing issue that was also an urgent matter. She has responded promptly and letting me know she was confident she could get this job done.  After speaking with her my fears were put to rest as her knowledge of the publishing process was apparent. She stepped right up and began working on the project giving me ongoing feedback along the way. The service exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend TL Bliss. Not only did she provide a high level service but was able to do so in a situation that required prompt action." ~~Lorraine Carey, Author

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Maggie Elizabeth Harrington by DJ Swykert

Love’s Exposure by MT Charleston

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TL Bliss PReSS – A promotional resource for self-publishing authors has finally launched.
Our professional and experienced team is able to handle a variety of service and resource inquiries.
We can help you take your writing career to the next level with cover art, editing, proofreading, reviews, trailers, and a vast array of other promotional resources.
TL Bliss PReSS is not a vanity publisher; we are a resource for you. While we do offer contracting and the option to get you started, we also offer different promotional packages to assist you along the way.


TL Bliss PReSS reserves the right to start and stop all promotions and submissions at their discretion.
TL Bliss PReSS reserves the right to accept or reject submitted material at their own discretion.